"The beige and neon orange lines of the collection create the impression of 2D compositions but the most important factor, the body of their wearers, adds motion to the clothes that thus continuously change their shape. The elaborated, mature and precise design and implementation are combined with slick and playful elements, lending the pieces an ethereal and effortless quality. although at first sight the collection seems to fall outside the scope of everyday clothing patterns, with a bit of intelligence and openness it can be made into defining pieces of anyone’s wardrobe. The project is an exciting example of merging and blending together the borderlines between fashion, graphic design and fine art. " - Jury statement, Hungarian Design Awards 2016

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Art direction + DOP: Marton Novak
Clothing designer: Bettina Wolf 
MUA: Leah Veronica Lewandowskaya
Model: Polett Hencz